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I’d have a lot to give
If I still gave a damn

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  • Favorite thing about this scene: the Doctor acknowledging his part in sending a companion mixed signals instead of blaming their response to his signals on irrational human-ness (and femaleness). Now go back and say this to Martha, Doctor, preferably with an actual “I’m sorry.”
  • Least favorite thing about this scene: fandom missing the point and continuing to insist that Clara’s a horrible shallow person who just wanted Eleven to be her boyfriend and dislikes Twelve because of that

Overture to a post. 

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Outlander music: Claire and Jamie theme during end credits, 1x02


ok… so should i be watching this?

Tempti, is rice usually white? Get on it woman. I can imagine the artwork that will come from you that will rival your Merlin days. I suspect the usual suspects in our family will be showing up in droves soon. This is our jam.

Lol, i miss what we had with merlin, everything was so much fun back then. Will get on this asap.

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So fierce is the passion that burns within my heart, a raging forest fire, unstoppable and all consuming.

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Screencap Meme: Ten + space || asked by badwolfrun

Screencap Meme: Ten space || asked by badwolfrun

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I can’t escape from what I did and what it meant, the full extent of which I’m only now beginning to grasp.

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